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Buer Interactive – Houston Web Design, Web Development and Online Marketing – specializes in making businesses look great and operate more optimally. Whether you are a large enterprise or a startup looking to change the world, we’ve worked with clients of all sizes from, literally, around the world on projects large and small. No matter your organization’s size or where you are in your business evolution, give us a shout and let’s exchange ideas.

We research, learn and adapt to our clients to best understand their needs and give them the edge they need to devour their competition and maintain their advantage.

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Top-Ranked Houston Website Design, Web Development and Online Marketing


Your brand is the foundation of your identity: Your target audience, the message that tells them what to expect when they purchase your product or service, the core values that guide your organization’s decision-making, the voice or personality that your brand speaks to your audience, and the position that your brand holds or seeks to hold within the mind of your consumer. From your logo to your packaging, brand equity and voice, Buer Interactive’s team are experts in branding and rebranding, from the ground up.


Every website that we design is unique and tailored to for your style preferences, functional requirements, and target demographics. We’ve created everything from small brochure websites to large-scale e-commerce websites and custom enterprise portals. There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to web design, and Buer Interactive is experts in finding and developing upon these unique nuances to deliver the most effective solution for our clients generally built using WordPress and Magneto.


WordPress is, by far, the most powerful and widely used web Content Management System (CMS) available. Some of the largest websites in the world run WordPress, including some government websites.  We have won many awards for the creative ways we’ve used WordPress to build both websites as well as other custom applications, such as corporate portals, social networks, intranets, and even financial analysis engines. WordPress is free and has, literally, millions of free, inexpensive, and incredibly powerful add-ons to make WordPress work for you.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) includes the activities that, put together strategically, prove to Google that your brand is more of an authority on a subject than others on the web. Implementing a powerful SEO strategy results in higher rankings both in Google Local for business and organic Google rankings. For certain companies, it’s important to be relevant and found by the entire world. For others, they need to kings of their city or even just a certain area of their city. We are experts in building this relevance. Great SEO is likely how you found us!


The one and only drawback to traditional Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO), especially if you’re doing it correctly, is that it takes time to build a respectable reputation and authority online that Google trusts. When implementing your SEO strategy, you’re competing for limited space in the top-10 against other websites that are both established and have possibly been engaging in SEO, themselves, for a longer period of time. Pay Per Click SEO is a great compliment to Organic SEO as it gives you the chance to more quickly get found online.


It goes without question how much time people of all ages are spending on social media. Using the right message, the right image, and attracting the right connections is a HUGE part of driving online traffic to your organization, product, or service. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Google Plus, and others give you a great way to capture, inform, and convert people into actionable leads. From attracting new connections to intelligently placing effective ads, we’re experts in social media marketing.


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We are experts in PHP/MySQL application development and build both completely custom solutions as well as HIGHLY powerful Word Press web and mobile app development in Houston TX ! Have an idea to discuss?

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Our 4-Step Approach To


We work hard to learn about our clients and their goals and work to make their road to success smoother through beautiful design and logical & modern technology solutions.

We begin every project by listening to our clients’ ideas and requirements, both creative and technical, and take direction from everyone in your organization that has their hands on the end-product. We understand that you’re the experts in your subject-matter, and we’re here to execute your vision. At the same time, we always strive to learn the intricacies of your operation in order to apply our vast previous experiences, when welcomed, to at least offer ideas that might contribute to an even better project deliverable.

We collect all assets such as photos, source-files for logos, databases, credentials, APIs, and even notes on previously-negative experiences that might assist us in a positive deliverable, as well as any other relevant items. It’s at this point that we often start to discover and fill in gaps in projects assets such as copywriting, high-resolution logo source-files, etc.

Missing something? Don’t worry! We’re happy to create it for you!

We work hard to learn about our clients and their goals and work to make their road to success smoother through beautiful design and logical & modern technology solutions.

Many inexperienced “firms” makes the mistake of developing their websites and web applications without really knowing how things need to work at the end and missing key elements ranging from a “simple missing checkbox” to entire screens within a website or application’s workflow can mean the failure or success of a project and will, at the very least cost either the developers or the clients valuable time and money – generally both.
Our process starts with us gathering all requirements and assets and then creating “static prototypes” for the client to review before we go into formal development. What this means is that, no matter if we’re designing your website or a full-on investment analysis engine, you know screen-by-screen and click-by-click how your website or application will look and work, especially when it comes to how it translates across different devices, screen-sizes, and operating systems.

This is an ideal scenario because it allows our designers and developers to coordinate their understanding with your requirements in a safe visual sandbox where you, the client, can literally move anything around or make any necessary changes without costing time and money by waiting until the project is in formal development.  This step also gives the client the opportunity to possibly discover things that weren’t originally defined or discussed that might have needed to be included in the project.

The deliverables, at this point, usually come in the form of Photoshop .PSD files that are extremely easy to share and annotate amongst your staff and decision-makers so that we can get a formal sign-off on every pixel of your project.

Once we’ve completed this, it’s about as efficient as can possibly be to complete a perfect final project development.

We work hard to learn about our clients and their goals and work to make their road to success smoother through beautiful design and logical & modern technology solutions.

Here comes the magic, flawless and efficient.  At this point, we have everything we need and your project is being built.  We begin by building your project on our servers so that we can find out any libraries, inclusions, and exceptions that still might not have been accounted for so that we can break things without breaking your live environment or having to await things like hosting environment elements, client-staff technical resource availability, security policy modifications to servers, etc.  This cuts down on unnecessary back and forth and delays that could possibly arise during this part of the process.

At the end of this, we know what we need to include in the platform and have worked out any possible kinks in the project without disrupting your staff and operations.

Once development and testing is complete and we get the final go-ahead, we quickly migrate the end-product’s code and back-end platform to your platform or deliver it to your technical staff to make live on your servers so as not to interrupt any work that you might have in queue.

Even at this point, we are available to support post-delivery bugs that might arise such as directory and file permission conflicts, issues with connectivity with third-party APIs, etc.  You’re well on your way into the living part of the project life-cycle but we’re always a phone call away in case you have questions or are in any need of assistance!

We provide on-site training as well as an illustrated project and user-type specific documentation that makes it easy to share knowledge amongst relevant entities within your organization!

We work hard to learn about our clients and their goals and work to make their road to success smoother through beautiful design and logical & modern technology solutions.

We believe in supporting our clients and projects extensively, especially after we go live with our projects.  Technologies change.  The business universe changes.  Our clients’ clients change and the spectrum of their products and services constantly evolves.

Whether you need us to add features, adjust inventory types, change lead-flows, integrate with any number of sales and customer-relationship management systems, as well as any infinite number of other ongoing requirements, we’re here and eager to grow with you!

Just as you first met us, never hesitate to contact us for free a free consultation and brain-storming session to see where you are and where you need to be in the future.

Bug-fixes.  Product, service & workflow enhancements.  Competitive advantages.  Don’t hesitate to ask, any time!

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No matter where you are in your business’ evolution, give us a shout for a free project evaluation!

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