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How to Choose Your SEO Keywords

How to Choose Your SEO Keywords

As a company specializing in marketing and website design in Houston, we work closely with businesses to implement effective SEO on their websites. We often get the question “Why is SEO important?”  If you consider the extremely high percentage of people who use search engines such as Google to discover businesses, products, and services, you will realize why SEO is very necessary to an online marketing strategy. Not only is having quality SEO important, it  is highly competitive. The large majority of people only click in the top 10 links on search engines, and an even higher amount click only one of the top three links. The front page of Google is a coveted position for search engine rankings. At Buer Interactive, we specialize in localized SEO, Houston SEO & global SEO as part of a cohesive digital marketing strategy. Call and speak with one of our Houston website developers to discuss what kind of SEO is right for your specific business. Our contact information is at the bottom of this article. Now, get out there and learn!

Choosing your SEO keywords is the first step in creating an SEO strategy. If you are a small business with a brick and mortar location, for example, if you run a barbershop in Houston, you will want localized-to-Houston SEO. If you are an online company selling embroidered hats, you will want to focus more on global SEO. Selecting your keywords based on the goals of your business is the first step in choosing your keywords. Once you have decided on a local SEO or global SEO strategy (or both!) you can begin selecting your keywords.

Selecting keywords is a tedious and sometimes confusing process. Depending on the amount of time and effort you want to spend on your SEO, you will want to analyze whether or not your keywords are more or less competitive than the keywords in your market.  For example, keywords that are searched more frequently are more difficult to rank in than more obscure keywords. For example, if you want to rank in “Houston pet store,” it will be more difficult than ranking in “Houston pet store selling chinchillas,” simply because more people are searching for the “Houston pet store,” phrase.

There are several different WordPress plugin that your Houston web development team can implement on your website to help you choose your keywords. Here are two that our Houston WordPress web development team highly reccommend:

Google Keyword Planner Although typically utilized for optimizing Google Adwords, this tool shows the estimated search volume of specific keywords and their ranking difficulty. This is a great plugin to use when strategizing which keywords to select.

KeywordTool.io This WordPress Plugin gathers information from Google’s auto-suggest feature and generated keyword ideas based on the keywords you type in. You can measure these suggested keywords by inputting them into the Google Keyword Planner WordPress plugin above.

Remember to choose your keywords wisely, as global SEO and even local Houston SEO is time consuming work. Even if you are just starting out and want to try your hand at ranking some less-searched keywords, you don’t want to spend a lot of time on a keyword that just doesn’t get any search traffic whatsoever. Select keywords that will actually generate web traffic for your site, and that are related to your business. If you choose broad-range keywords that aren’t specific to the services your business offers, your SEO strategy will not be as effective.(For example: If you are a travel agent, selecting “Galveston, Texas” won’t be as effective as selecting a more specific keyword like “Thing To Do In Galveston, Texas.”)

At Buer Interactive, we work with Houston web development clients as well as clients around the globe to rank their websites on search engines. We know how painstaking these tasks can be, and how difficult it can be to rank a website with more competitive keywords. We also know that is very easy to make mistakes doing your own SEO. If you have any questions on the SEO process or want to speak with someone about web development goals, give us a call!

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