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How To Grow Your Organic Facebook Reach

How To Grow Your Organic Facebook Reach

At Buer Interactive,we know that the core of your online presence is your website, and that directing traffic to your website is of utmost important when trying to garner new business. In the current online marketplace, social media plays a large role in directing web traffic to external pages, and therefore we work with clients who want to grow their social media numbers and increase their social media reach as part of an overall online marketing strategy. Increasing organic reach on Facebook is more than just good for growing your owned media, it is important to search engine optimization as well. As Houston web developers, we get questions all the time on the best ways to utilize social media, and we’ve compiled a list of some things you can do to jumpstart your social media presence.  

Social media is the “Word Of Mouth” of this decade, and if you own a business, you are probably well aware that your business absolutely needs to have a social media presence to be successful. Staggering and unprecedented amounts of people are using the internet to find products or services that they want or need, and social media plays a big role in connecting customers with your business. Whether it’s a basic Google search or asking your friends on social media for a local recommendation, social media holds a lot of power in whether a business does well, especially a newly started or small business. However, Facebook (the most popular social media platform on Earth to date), knows that the success of your business relies heavily on your social media presence and therefore has a very structured algorithm which presses users to spend money on advertising dollars to get their content exposed. Constant changes in Facebook’s algorithms can put a halt on the ultimate reach that business pages get, pushing them to spend ad dollars to get their posts seen. If your business owns a Facebook page, great! If you need a little help figuring out how to avoid overspending on Facebook, continue on!

Let’s start off with the basics….

  • What IS organic reach? Organic reach is unpaid reach: this is the amount of people who see your content in their newsfeeds or by specifically going to your business’s Facebook page.
  • What IS paid reach? Paid reach is a post that you put money behind whether you ‘boost’ directly from your Facebook page or use the Facebook ad manager.

To increase your businesses organic reach, content quality is key. Facebook depends on relevance of content to deliver posts to newsfeeds, so the more interactive your content, the better.  Here are three things you can do to increase your organic reach by posting engaging content:

Create posts that appeal to people’s personal interests. Staying within your branding and specific business, post interesting content that would appeal to your particular audience. For example, if you’re a cake decorator, sharing a video tutorial of a simple cake decoration will garner shares and likes that will bring people interested in baking or decorated cakes back to your Facebook page, potentially growing your customer base and audience.  Remember that sharing isn’t the only way to get your content on potential customer’s feeds that aren’t connected to your page. When someone likes or comments on your content, that goes into their friends feeds as well and serves your content to even more people. If you’re active on Facebook, you’ve probably seen something in your newsfeed like “Jane Smith commented on XX Facebook page,”

Host a Sweepstakes or Contest Hosting A giveaway or competition on Facebook can drive               traffic not only to your Facebook page but to your domain as well. Do remember to Follow Facebook guidelines on contests, as you could potentially and accidentally get your page blacklisted or shut down.A helpful tool for hosting online sweepstakes or contests as a WordPress plugin called WOOBOX, which allows you to host social media driven contests while collecting email addresses at the same time. Your Houston WordPress web developer can help you obtain and install WOOBOX on your WordPress website.

Stay Active On Your Facebook Posting on Facebook isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it type of thing, stay engaged! If you make a Facebook post and leave it, it will more often than not get buried. When posting on Facebook, watch your posts for the next hour or so. If people start commenting on your post, respond to their comments and like their comments immediately. Interaction shows Facebook that the content is relevant and relevance is key. If you have more website visitors than social media fans, you can direct your website traffic to follow you on Facebook and other social media account by integrating your social media feeds onto your website. Your website should also have buttons that encourage people to follow your business’ social media profiles. Ask your Houston web developer how to integrate these into your website.

The key to growing your organic reach on Facebook all boils down to content. If you create quality and engaging content, people will interact with your page, possibly follow you, and grow your page likes, which then grows your organic reach for new posts, and so on. Social media can be a patience trying thing to navigate, but once you get a handle on your social media accounts, your business can and will grow. If you need assistance in creating and implementing effective social media campaigns, feel free to reach out to someone on the Buer Interactive team. We help businesses big, small and in between create social media strategies in Houston and beyond, and are glad to help!

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