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Why Houston Lawyers Are Using WordPress for their CMS Website Design

In a digital world, you have a very small window of time to gain your potential client’s trust in your competence. At Buer Interactive, we understand the importance of creating a professional and commanding online presence. We work with a multitude of lawyers and law firms to create functional and effective websites with an aesthetic appeal, and have found that WordPress design is the top requested web design. Lawyers in Houston: WordPress web development may change the course of your online presence, and below is why.

Your law firm’s website requires very specific functionality in order to help manage your client relationships. As a Houston web development company, we are well-versed in custom software development for law firms and the needs that certain software can fill. However, at Buer Interactive, we know that many facets of law are time-sensitive and you don’t always have time to wait for custom-built software. While having your law firm’s CRM and other software created  by a Houston web developer is ideal per your specific needs, there is not always time to do so. To fulfill your immediate needs, WordPress offers a variety of plugins to streamline the online processes of your law firm. These plugins you can have installed on your website and begin implementing as soon as installation is complete and simple customizations are done. Below are WordPress plugins for lawyers that come highly recommended.

  • Lexicata A high-powered CRM and client intake software, Lexicata stores information on your law firm’s current clients and tracks their projects as well as streamlines intake of new clients. Lexicata’s highly secure and customizable contact form automatically captures leads and imports them into your CRM so that no potential client gets lost. Lexicata also has e-sign capabilities so that your clients can transmit time-sensitive signed forms to your law firm in seconds.
  • Squirrly SEO On-page SEO is the base of your SEO strategy, and Squirrly SEO helps to ensure that your homepage and subpages are completely search engine optimized. Built for WordPress users that are not experts in SEO, this WordPress plugin shows you where you need SEO improvement on each page of your website and lets you know when your written content is 100% optimized. Although on-page SEO is only a small part of getting your website to rank highly on search engines, Squirrly SEO makes it easy for you to create a good baseline by helping you to optimize your homepage in the correct manner.
  • Booking Calendar offers a simple and powerful way to connect with potential clients and book consultations. From accepting and declining appointments to payment processing, Booking Calendar allows law firms to quickly and easily manage their consultations.
  • Legal News Headlines is a WordPress plugin for lawyers that creates a sidebar that combines your blog posts with current legal news. This plugin is perfect for law firms that keep an active blog and want their clients to look to their blog for pertinent legal news.
  • Google Analytics Google Analytics is a powerful tool that every single business owner should absolutely take advantage of. Google Analytics not only collects demographic information about your website’s visitors which is highly important to your overall marketing strategy, this software has a very unique feature called “Trending Content” which displays your traffic patterns and provides a list of content that is garnering the best response from your audience. When using Trending Content and the information Google Analytics provides about your visitors, you can tailor your content and marketing in a way that best resonates with potential clients.

Beyond the capabilities that WordPress plugins provide, WordPress itself is a highly powerful online tool. WordPress is the one of the most popular website frameworks in the world, above Joomla and even the once-loved Drupal websites. WordPress is incredibly customizable and flexible, which means Houston website designers and web developers can modify websites to a client’s needs. If your law firm’s website requires a specific feature, speak with your Houston website developer about your particular needs. Buer Interactive is one of the top website design companies of Houston with years of experience extending WordPress functionality to meet the unique needs of law firms and other businesses. WordPress is highly regarded by Houston web developers and web designers around the globe for countless reasons, but some of the highlights of why WordPress is an online marketing gamechanger are below:

User Friendly For Even Non-Developers While it’s important to have a professional Houston WordPress web development team do the original design and build of your website, there are times where you may need to make a quick edit to your content like change a fax number or changing out an image. WordPress is a very user-friendly platform and allows people who are not necessarily web-savvy make edits to websites. While WordPress is easy to use, if you are unsure if you are doing something correctly or if you have any questions whatsoever, reach out to your Houston WordPress web developer. An error in your website could mean a loss of potential clients.

WordPress Allows For Easy Blog Posting Having a blog on your website is good for sharing news about your law firm and improving your website’s SEO. WordPress allows users to easily post blogs directly to their website. As a law firm, you may want to share information about the partners in your firm or any business news, and posting this information on a blog is a great way to share that content.

Easy To Create Multiple Users WordPress allows multiple users with varying permissions to access your the backend of your website. Whether you want someone to have complete administrator privileges or just enough permissions to post and update your law firm’s blog, WordPress makes it easy to create accounts for each member of your team.

If you’ve ever practiced law, you know the amount of effort it takes to make it through law school, pass the bar, and start your own practice. While the field of practicing law is a competitive field in general, another factor adding to the sheer cutthroat nature of the business is that people are now finding lawyers almost exclusively through online searches. In Houston, lawyer website design is especially important, as the sheer amount of law offices in the city is vast and continually growing. Greater population means more lawyers per capita resulting in more competition, naturally. This means you not only must focus on your online marketing, additionally you need to focus on your website being as polished and accessible as possible with ease of functionality for clients. By having a Houston WordPress web development professional build and design your website, your chances of gaining and ultimately retaining clients is exponentially higher. By having an extremely user friendly, customized website with high functionality, your law firm will stand out above the fierce competition of Houston lawyers. If you have any questions about using WordPress or wish to speak with a Houston WordPress web developer, feel free to contact Buer Interactive. We are happy to help you improve your online presence and grow your business.  

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