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How LinkedIn Can Help Grow Your Business
Buer Interactive Blog

How LinkedIn Can Help Grow Your Business

How LinkedIn Can Help Grow Your Business

As a Houston web development firm in Houston, our main focus is the development the online presence of our many clients. From large corporations to local law firms and oil production businesses, our clients often have a need for business-to-business (B2B) marketing. Our team is well-versed in LinkedIn and how using this professional social network can grow your business and increase your online credibility. We’ve compiled some facts and statistics about using LinkedIn, as well ways that your business can utilize LinkedIn in your online marketing efforts. If you have any questions about using LinkedIn or web development in Houston, feel free to reach out to someone on our team. Our contact information can be found at the bottom of this page. Get to networking!

LinkedIn is the most popular social network for professionals, and with more and more users being added every day, an extremely imperative way for you to network with individuals and businesses that may be interested in the services you have to offer. Whether you’re looking to hire someone or you’re looking to grow your career, LinkedIn offers opportunities to connect with the people and businesses most useful to your endeavors.

Is LinkedIn Effective? As a business professional, numbers are important to you. Below are a list of 2017 LinkedIn statistics to help you decide whether or not networking on LinkedIn will benefit you:

  • The number of professionals that feel that LinkedIn is a credible source for business networking is 71%
  • LinkedIn has 106 million active monthly users
  • The current sign-up rate of LinkedIn is 2 members per second
  • A whopping 40% of LinkedIn users log in daily
  • 41% of millionaires used LinkedIn
  • 10 billion endorsements have been made on LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn is available in twenty-four languages
  • There have been 1 million posts on LinkedIn by professionals as of the date of this publication
  • The number of user profiles on LinkedIn is 467 million.
  • 133 million LinkedIn users are from the United States
  • The percentage of markers using LinkedIn to distribute content is 94%!
  • Profiles with listed skills are 13 times for likely to be viewed that profiles that do not list skills
  • 80% of  B2B leads are sourced from LinkedIn (this is important!)

How Does LinkedIn Work? Connecting on LinkedIn is similar to connecting on traditional social networks, where you add ‘connections’ to view their complete profile which contains a listing of their achievements and professional experience. If you have further interest in contacting this person, you can send a private message or use the contact information provided, if available. Once you’ve worked professionally with a LinkedIn user, you are able to leave recommendations for that person in their area of expertise.

How Can My Business Utilize LinkedIn? Businesses and individuals alike utilize LinkedIn to further their careers. LinkedIn offers a unique way to connect with others in your field and opens the door to a multitude of opportunities:

  • Find New Hires On LinkedIn Users can make connections with people with a specific area of expertise. A LinkedIn profile is a virtual resume that allows you to view the professional experiences of candidates without having to review a stack of applications or resumes.
  • Network Yourself Creating a profile for yourself will allow you to showcase your areas of expertise, allowing potential recruiters to contact you based on your merits, making your job search easier.
  • Network With Other Businesses If you’ve done business with another company, encourage them to leave recommendations, which increases the credibility of your business.

Can I Integrate My WordPress Website With LinkedIn? As with traditional social networks, there are a variety of WordPress plugins to integrate LinkedIn with your website. Our web development team in Houston highly recommend the use of the following plugins:

LinkedIn Master This WordPress plugin gives users the option to display their LinkedIn profiles in the sidebar of their WordPress website. The code for your member profile is generated from the LinkedIn Developer Network. Paid features of this plugin include:

  • Company profile
  • Company Insider
  • Alumni widgets
  • Available jobs

LinkedIn Auto Publish A favorite among Houston web development professionals, this plugin allows users to auto-publish posts from your WordPress website directly onto your LinkedIn profile as a status update. Features include:

  • Automatic publishing (you can opt-out of this feature when publishing your posts)
  • Plugin uses title and excerpt from your post as the status update
  • Option for featured image in your status update
  • Eliminates the need to log into LinkedIn to share your content by allowing auto-publishing directly from your WordPress site, saving you time.

RDP LinkedIn Login is a useful plugin that integrates with your WordPress website with the following capabilities:

  • Allows users to register with your website by logging in with their LinkedIn account
  • Capability to require users to automatically start following certain companies when registering on your website.

LinkedIn Connections to WP Users This plugin is especially helpful for business-to-business marketing. Our Houston web development team can integrate this plugin that allows users to:

  • Import your LinkedIn connections into your website and add them as subscribers
  • Option to send login details to imported users, encouraging member signups to your site.

If you are serious about expanding your career opportunities and growing your business, utilizing LinkedIn as part of your marketing strategy will be extremely beneficial to you. Your Houston WordPress web development and design team is frequently asked to implement the above WordPress plugins onto client websites to help increase B2B exposure, and would be glad to help you implement these plugins as well. Feel free to reach out to a member of our team with any questions about LinkedIn or about creating an online marketing strategy as a whole.

We wish you the best in business!

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