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Oil & Gas Companies and Web Design – Combining An Old Profession With New Technology

The petroleum industry – namely, oil and gas – has a rich history that goes back many, many years. Despite alternatives popping up every year, it is still the most consumed energy in the world, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Buer Interactive is experienced in Houston web development and web design to keep this old profession up to date with the newest technology and plugins. Since we’re based in Houston, Texas, we are familiar with oil and gas companies, which have been thriving in our state since the early 1900’s! Unfortunately, while the oil and gas companies have been developing new technologies for their companies, many haven’t devoted the same time and attention to detail to their online presence, which is where most oil and gas companies are now finding the bulk of their new clients. What does a modern oil and gas company’s website need to maintain a competitive edge over the competition? Keep reading to learn more!

Oil and gas companies have the standard needs that most websites have – great design, a user friendly interface, and navigability – but there are also specific requirements that are unique to an oil and gas web developer needs to be aware of:

  • Global accessibility The oil and gas industry reaches across many borders, and is more globally incorporated than almost any other business. Your website needs to be accessible and operable anywhere in the world, and this is not an undertaking to take lightly. Ensuring that your website is fully operable and functional should be entrusted to a professional Houston web developer.
  • Modernization  Because the oil and gas industry has been around for so long, many websites are stuck in the 20th century. It’s time to bring your web design into this millennium. To appeal to a digital audience (and especially a younger generation) your website needs to be visually appealing as well as up-to-date. Your Houston web design company should also ensure that your website is mobile optimized
  • Investor appeal The oil and gas industry is unique in that you are often seeking investors from around the world. We have web developers who can help you stand out from the competition. By having client relationship management systems and custom contact forms implemented by your Houston web development team, your website will reflect the efficiency of your company. You invest time and money into the technology it takes to perform in your field, and the functionality and look of your website should mirror this.
  • Reputation and safety Two of the most important elements that must be represented on an oil and gas website are reputation and safety. Having an SSL certificate if taking online payments is a must, and having a space where clients can leave their feedback (showing that you are transparent) will be paramount for gaining customer trust Ask your Houston web developer about implementing these applications on your website. Remember that because oil and gas is used so prevalently, we realize that marketing strategies are different than other industries, which require consumer exposure; oil and gas marketing strategies need to be focused on safety, reputation, technology, and innovation. Market for reputation instead of only exposure.
  • Plugins for ease of use Plugins that are extremely useful to oil and gas industry web development include multilingual plugins, for global use. We recommend Multilingualpress, which has 174 languages built in.

The oil and gas industry, although a very old industry compared to other energy companies, is still a highly-competitive market. Whether your business has been in your family for generations or you are building your oil company from the ground up, utilizing today’s technology will yield high returns for your business.

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