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How Does Online Marketing Help Houston Lawyers Create Business Relationships?

As a lawyer, you know that client relationships are the base of your business. Creating and maintaining your client relationships is the cornerstone of the success of your law firm, and at Buer Interactive, we know that a functional web presence is paramount to these efforts. We help law firms in Houston and beyond develop online marketing strategies and create a strong web presence in order to foster these relationships. How does online marketing help lawyers build and maintain business relationships? We’ve compiled the information below to help you review your own business strategies when it comes to online marketing. If you would like to speak with one of our Houston web design specialists about strengthening your online presence in order to help grow your business, or if you have any questions about the below content, our contact information is at the bottom of this page.

Even small Houston law firms know the importance of business relationships and networking. A lot of Houston lawyers attend marketing events and use word-of-mouth to network, but they are unaware that online marketing can create a new avenue to create and maintain business relationships. When working with a Houston web development company, your online marketing strategies should include but are not limited to:

  • Online Business Networking. These strategies include using Linkedin to forge new business relationships, perhaps with law firms with practices that have specialties that complement yours so you can share referrals. For instance, if you are a business lawyer or corporate lawyer, you may be able to refer many of your clients to an intellectual property law firm, and vise versa. Our Houston web development professionals understand the power that LinkedIn has when it comes to building a law firm’s client base, and at Buer Interactive we recommend using the WP LinkedIn plugin as it integrates your full LinkedIn profile with your website. LinkedIn is imperative to your online reputation, so under no circumstances ignore this online networking opportunity.
  • Utilize Forums You can also use forums such as Reddit and other forums to answer basic questions in order to increase trust, visibility, and search engine results. A quick Google search will lead you to many law forums, and by utilizing these forums, you will not only likely find referalls, you will show that you are knowledgable in your material if a potential client Googles your law firm or name (be sure to use the name of your firm or your bar name as your username for these forums).
  • Pay Attention to the FAQ If you have an FAQ section, it’s easy for people on your marketing team to search for similar questions online and giving a basic answer if you are unable to answer a question the moment it is answered. This drives people to your website, and makes them more likely to contact you as they feel like you have created a personal relationship with clients in the past.
  • Consider a professionally designed website and an online marketing team an investment, rather than just a cost you have each month. In addition to search engine rankings, online marketing can help you build a blog for your website, create a social media presence, write press releases, schedule email blasts, increase the number and frequency of reviews, and more! It’s an integral part of any modern Houston law firm. Call us to speak with one of our Houston web development professionals today to discuss your goals.
  • On social media sites such as Twitter, and even on your own blogs, you can interact with other Houston law firms with different specialties. This creates a business network that increases visibility and clients for all involved. In addition to guest blogs, you can create business relationships by responding to each other on forum posts, social media posts, and even co host/sponsor events and press releases.

Utilize The Power Of Your Website You website should contain the most effective way for creating these business relationship – options for contact. Your Houston web development team should include on your website:

  • Satisfaction surveys for past clients
  • Request forms for Proposals or Quotes
  • Sign up forms for email marketing
  • A general contact us form

All of these forms can be funneled into different inboxes to different members of your team. Your Houston WordPress web developer can put these systems into place for you to ensure that your business remains streamlined and your customer contact is highly efficient.

A quality online marketing company will be aware of all of these tools and more, to be able to put together a cohesive plan to help build your network as you are marketing your business. In the internet age, word-of-mouth and print ads are being replaced by social media and search engines. This doesn’t mean that the goals of marketing your law firm have changed; making your business more visible, increasing your client base, building business relationships, and maintaining a good reputation are all keys to a successful business.You can still network with the traditional seminars and functions, but don’t write off online networking as a passing fad! Collaboration and referrals can bring your business to the next level, without even having to leave your office.

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