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The difference between a mobile-friendly website and a mobile-friendly website that shows up on search engines can be the difference between having a successful business or not. Therefore, Search Engine Optimization is so important. With so many businesses like yours on the World Wide Web it can be easy to become buried in search engine results if you don’t have the right tools. A search engine optimized site increases the chances your website is going to show up for users to find you faster.

92% of adults worldwide use search engines to find what they are looking for on the internet and almost half of online shoppers use search engine results to find new places to do business. If you are going to invest your time, energy and money into creating a website for your business, make sure to invest in the biggest thing that will make your business grow.


There is no point to have a nice, shiny new website if no one is going to be able to find it on search engine result pages. If you’re not showing up on search engines, you’re missing out on real customers and money.

At Buer Interactive our SEO Experts in Houston can help you rank higher on the three major search engines: Bing, Yahoo and Google. We are up-to-speed on all the latest search engine rules and use tested and innovative techniques to get you ranking higher, faster.

Things are constantly changing on the internet, and with this comes changes in the ways search engines decide on which websites to pull up first. You may have noticed that your website fell a little further down the front page of Google and your sales number show it. This is because of the ever-changing search engine algorithms, but rest assured we can help with this too! Our devoted team makes sure to stay on top of any changes in search engine rules and how they choose to rank a site.

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Creating REAL Long-Term Authority

Understanding SEO

Search engine results and rankings can seem confusing at first but with a little perspective, you’ll be able to understand how and why these are so important. Think about how you use search engines on your own. You open up Google, type in what you’re looking for and select one of the first links on the results page not even thinking to scroll all the way down the page because you’ve already found the information or product you needed.

This is why it is important to stay on top of your Search Engine Optimization; so you don’t lose to your competitor for being only a few spots below them on the search engine results page. The higher you rank, the more traffic you are going to drive to your website and more sales your company will make. Those who have outdated SEO or whose websites have been badly optimized in the past will fall short to websites that utilize fresh search engine optimization techniques.

Buer Interactive can help you stay ahead of the game so that when search engines change their algorithms (and they will) you won’t end up frustrated and losing your ranking. We’ll help you stay up on search engines while playing by the rules so search engines can continue to deliver your website as one of the best results for internet users.

Interesting & Useful Expert Copywriting

Generates Readership, Engagements & Conversions!

One of the keys to getting you to rank high on search engines is providing content and making it easy for search engines to find your site. Buer Interactive uses many proven effective methods to get search engines to bring your pages to users, and we’ll help you do it!

Creating Content – Adding valuable, fresh content onto your website that the user will want to read is essential to getting your website to rank. Your audience should want to share the content they find on your website. Therefore, we offer SEO copywriting services to create specific content which saves you time and gets you ranking faster.

Keyword Insertion & Research – Figuring out which keywords to optimize your pages for that will drive customers to your website, will help you rank in the long run. We will help you find these target keywords and where to place them to increase search engine ranking.

Sharing & Back Link Strategy – When others share your content it shows that what you must offer is valuable. This helps to build up your online reputation and accelerate your search engine ranking results. We will help you create the content and we will even help you post it your social media accounts, press releases, blogs or anywhere it will receive maximum exposure.

Open-Source Content Management Techniques That Work!

REAL Online Marketing

Not Risky Tricks!


Not only do the algorithms for search engines change constantly, so do their rules, making SEO laborious and tedious. It is important to assure that who you trust with your search engine optimization has your best interest at heart and is knowledgeable of these changes, otherwise, you can end up damaging your reputation, website and even being banned from being shown on search engines due to poorly done search engine optimization.

SEO marketing it is not “keyword stuffing” on every page of your website – it has become a complex process. It is also one that is geared toward providing an excellent user experience.

To know search engine optimization has been implemented correctly it will:

  • Show consistency
  • Be valuable to the website user
  • Provide quality over quantity
  • Comply with Google’s Terms of Service
  • Demonstrate many different strategies
  • Increase search engine rankings
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Creating REAL Long-Term Authority

Avoids SEO Penalties & Generates REAL Leads!

The best way to improve search engine rankings for the long run is by using techniques that help your rankings grow naturally. With our search engine optimization methods, we will help to provide high-quality content for your users which will show search engines that your website is relevant to what consumers are seeking. Your website will climb in rankings and secure a highly visible spot on page 1 of search engine results for users to see. This is important, as most users never even look on page 2.

After running a full analysis of your needs, we use a variety of methods to get you to the first page. As your SEO specialists, we will continue to monitor your search engine results and make necessary changes in our methods to improve your SEO.

We may use some or all of these methods to organically boost your search engine rankings are:

  • Blogging & Article Marketing
  • Press releases
  • Link earning & reclamation
  • Media outreach & guest blogging

Pay Per Click (PPC) & Social Media Advertising that Works

Boost Your SEO with Pay Per Click & Social Ads!

Most of our SEO strategies improve a website’s ranking organically, but we do utilize Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) to help drive traffic towards your website. This method does not substitute any strategy to help you rank long term, but can help boost visibility quicker. This should not be your only method as most users, about 70%-80%, ignore paid ads and focus on the organic results. You could be missing out on that much user traffic!

We don’t suggest putting all your money into running paid ads because this won’t be as effective in the long run. Even though we implement PPC ads in our SEO, these are not our main efforts.

Instead, our core approach to successful organic SEO will help you rank on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Buer Interactive knows and understands the best new techniques and strategies for SEO focus mainly on creating relevant content that establishes you as an authority in your industry. This makes search engines more inclined to serve your website on search engine result pages.

You’ll notice that with the more valuable content you put out, the higher your website will rank. This is because outside websites will start linking to your pages, which is a good thing! This verifies that other users find your content valuable and this helps search engines to deliver your website first to users. The higher you stay on search engines, the more of an authority you become, which is what you want to be!

Buer Interactive will help you get there by using their specialized techniques to move you up search engine result pages, make you an authority in your industry and do it in a way that you will stay there for the long run.

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